Many people ask me what camera I use for my videos, which microphone, what video editing program, where I get music, images, etc.

Instead of answering one by one, I’ve decided to make this separate site with all the resources at one place, when next time someone asks me I’ll just send them this URL.

I’ll write about both basic and economic products and more professional but also more expensive products, so you can choose what suits you.

Below is the list of all cameras that I prefer in 2016 (and others not mentioned)

Vloggers, with “v,” are like TV stars 2016 but on the Internet, to the point that many YouTubers are amassing more fans than the famous “traditional stars.” Having a decent camera can be very helpful for this.

In this list, there are cameras for different situations and budgets to find the one that best suits you. If you’re looking for a more in-depth camera guide then I suggest you also visit this site here – Top 10 Best Vlogging Camera for YouTube

Canon PowerShot G7 X

With this Canon, it is like having a pocket SLR camera, or almost. Vloggers love the touchscreen and how easy it is to get selfies with this one. It is very good for recording in low light and allows wireless file transfer thanks to its Wi-Fi features.


Sony Cyber-shot RX100 III

It is the main competitor of the Canon. Although many suspect that both cameras have the same sensor, the Sony has a real viewfinder.


Canon EOS70D

If you prefer an SLR for vlogs, you’ll love this Canon autofocus. The screen allows you to see when they turn off the camera. It is the most professional of the list and can attach an external microphone.



GoPro Black Hero4

It is the best action camera there. You can record a 4K resolution (that is multiply by four 1080p resolution), make easy time-lapses, record well in low light and see everything in wide angle.


iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6

These smartphones integrated cameras quite impressive. If you have a tight budget or need a second camera, your phone may be just what you are looking for.


Final recommendation

Remember that the quality of a video does not reside only in pixels or benefits that a camera offers, one of the main keys to a successful video content remains.

No matter if you record with a smartphone, a webcam or a professional camera, in any case, the number of pixels you have your camera will not make your video succeed alone.

The Video Editing Program

You can use any video editing program. If you search Google, you will find even some that are free. Another option is to use those that are already on your computers, such as iMovie (Mac) or Windows Movie Maker (PC).

While here you I will recommend that as soon as you can, the leap to something more complete. It’s Worth it.

ScreenFlow (Mac) – Price:- $99 (This is the program that I currently use, and I’m delighted how easy to use and comes with everything you need to make good videos to YouTube also allows you to record the computer screen, also known as screen captures).

Camtasia (PC or Mac) – Good for capturing the screen of your computer, PC or Mac (if you have a Mac, I recommend ScreenFlow).

Final Cut Pro (Mac) – Price:- $250 (This is one of the most used by YouTubers programs is much more complete but also more complex. If you are a beginner with this edition, I will not recommend it, if you’d like to dive into pro mode then go for this).

The Image Editing Program

It would also be very useful to have an image editing program if you want to include graphics in your videos and to make custom thumbnails (thumbnails) of your videos.

Photoshop: The best image editing and the most complete – Price: $12.29/month online image editor – Price: Free

There are many other image editors, some free and others surcharge, you can search Google.

Music, Sound Effects, and Images

For music, sound effects and pictures, my recommendation is to buy and use music and free pictures of rights (royalty free). Actually what you buy is a license. Music, sound effects, videos, photographs, illustrations, etc. Photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos. Photos and Illustrations. Photos, illustrations, video, audio, etc.

Some networks, as in my case, make your available music and sound effects of all kinds for you to use in your videos freely. The problem is that if you leave the network lose the right to use that material in your videos. In that case, either you remove this material from your videos (difficult thing if your video is already gone) or remember a license with the owner of the exploitation rights and pay what they ask.

Well, so far the list of products and resources that you can use to your YouTube videos. If you’re looking for reviews of this products then make sure you research on sites like RBE and Wikipedia before your purchase.

I’ll keep updating this list in future as well. Be sure to check and contact me if you have any questions.